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Technoplants specialises in the construction of plants and operates mainly in aviation and aerospace in the following sectors:

  • surface treatment
  • painting
  • transportation
  • ecology (air and water purification)
  • energy recovery
  • software (through our subsidiary Wings)
  • automation
  • global service

Technoplants supplies “turnkey” plants and designs and constructs all the plant and equipment necessary for constructing the plants.

Profilo aziendale TecnoplantsThe experience acquired over the years is continually updated to maintain the highest levels of technology in providing appropriate solutions to meet demands in a continuously evolving market. Our operational methods are intended to meet Customers’ real requirements. We are therefore able to cover the entire process of making a plant or of intervening on request in one or more of the following phases:

  • preliminary studies: definition of projects and processes and budgeting
  • management hardware and software
  • process supervision
  • making of working drawings
  • turnkey supply.

The Customer is overseen using the highest quality standards at every stage of manufacture. This approach has translated into a high ability to meet the strict requirements of the aerospace sector.
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